Howdy Boothmeisters!

Here's a brief tutorial about how to use ConsignerCentral. Don't worry. It's easy!

  1. First, go to and log in with the user name and password you received by email.

  2. The first thing you see will be the dashboard.

  3. The Dashboard Shows...

    • The sales you haven't been paid for yet.

    • Messages from the MotherShip at Hobbies & Homestead.

  4. Click the Activity link on the left.

  5. Activity Shows...

    • Your sales activity.

    • If you've already been paid, you'll need to click "Show Reconciled Items" to see previous time periods.

  6. Click the Items link on the left.

  7. Items Shows...

    • The items you currently have for sale. You'll see two types of items here:

      1. Items marked [ORIGINAL]
        These are the items that use the regular old barcodes.

      2. Items marked [VENDOR ADDED]
        These are the items you add via ConsignerCentral.


    · · · IMPORTANT! · · · IMPORTANT! · · · IMPORTANT! · · ·

    [ORIGINAL] We are getting rid of "Original" tags in 2022. We've discovered that this option is prone to errors.

    [VENDOR ADDED] items have a serveral cool, powerful features. You don't need to download a special app. Just enter your items from your computer or cell phone. You can add the product name, details, colors, sizes and mark the price as firm. (We can't mark individual items as "do not discount," but you can.) When you look at your sales, you'll see exactly which items were sold.

  8. Click the Item Entry link on the left.

  9. Item Entry...

    • Is where you, um, add items. Press the "Add" button.

    • This will bring you to the Item Entry page.

  10. The Add Item screen.

  11. This is where you enter...

    • Item Name.
    • Quantity.
    • Price.
    • Extra Information (notes for yourself that won't print on the label.)

    If applicable to your item, you can also enter:
    • Brand.
    • Color.
    • Size.

    • Mark your item as "Used" or leave blank for New.
    • If you want the price to be firm, mark "Do Not Discount" here.


    · · · IMPORTANT! · · · IMPORTANT! · · · IMPORTANT! · · ·

    • If you want to have some items with firm prices, and some you're willing to deal on, you'll need to add your items here and mark them accordingly. Items we add for you don't have an option to mark as "Do Not Discount."

    • You can enter one item--in which case you'll want to press "Save and Close", or you can work on a whole stack of stuff--in which case you'll press "Save and Add Another" between items.

    • PRO TIP: If you're using a cellphone or iPad to work on your inventory, you may find it easier to turn the checkmarks on and off by pressing under the "Used" and "Do Not Discount" words; the area is highlighed in yellow above.

    Once you save and close, you'll return to ...

  12. The updated Item Entry screen...

  13. Now you'll see the list of items you've been working on.

    • Your work is saved here. You can go do something else and come back.

    • Once you've added all the items you want, press "submit." Then we can print your tags at the store and you can add the items to your booth.