Vendor Agreement - Griffith

Hobbies & Homestead

2100 East Van Buren Eureka Springs , AR 72632


This agreement is made by and between you, the Vendor, and J & N Griffith LLC dba Hobbies & Homestead (H&H.) Our mission is to provide our vendors an opportunity to sell unique, antique, vintage and collectible items.


Daily- 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Closed the following holidays: Thanksgiving Eve & Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Booth Rentals:

Booths vary in size and are rented for a fixed price per month plus 10% of sales. Booths will be rented by application. If selected, the rental contract requires a 3 month initial commitment and is then automatically extended on a month to month basis. Following the initial 3 month commitment, the vendor or H&H management may terminate the rental agreement by submitting a 30-day notice in writing.

Active Vendors will receive access to ConsignerCentral for inventory management, sales activity and tag printing. You must use this resource to manage your booth inventory and sales reporting.

Vendors may stock their booth anytime during store hours. You may not keep the staff after hours to work on your booth!

Rent Due:

Rent is due the first day of the month for that month. Rent extends from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. A VALID CREDIT CARD IS NECESSARY TO RENT BOOTH SPACE AND WILL BE KEPT ON FILE DURING THE DURATION OF THE RENTAL AGREEMENT.

The first month’s payment is due at the initiation of this contract and no space will be reserved without payment of the first month’s rent and a valid credit card being kept on file. Subsequently each month’s rent is due on the first of the month. Vendor's rent will be deducted from the previous month’s sales and the difference accounted with any balance being charged to the vendor’s credit card on file.

If rent is overdue by 30 days, unsold merchandise may be sold by H&H to cover past due rent and cannot otherwise be removed from the market until rent is paid in full.


A ten percent (10%) commission will be charged on all items sold. This amount will be deducted from the monthly vendor payment. This covers credit card costs, staffing, retail supplies, marketing, and maintenance.

Sales Tax:

H&H will be responsible for the collection and payment of sales taxes to the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration. Vendors may not use the H&H sales tax number for their personal use.

Pay Period:

The close of business on the last day of the month is the cut-off date for processing sales. Checks to vendors may be picked up after 3 pm on the fourth day of the following month. One month’s rent and all commissions and sales taxes collected are deducted from gross sales. Booth activity, including sales, rents and commissions, is available online via ConsignerCentral.

Amounts less than $5.00 due to vendors, or less than $10.00 due to H&H, will be carried over to the following month.


H&H will provide bar code labels to each vendor and hang tags for items that cannot be directly labeled with the bar code sticker. Inventory is added, and tags are printed, via ConsignerCentral.

Items placed in a booth must have a price tag with Vendor Bar Code, Price and Item Description. Any other information the vendor deems necessary should be written on the back of the price tag. Price tags must be securely fastened to merchandise. The bar code tag must be securely affixed to each item so we can make sure to record your sales to your booth. Vendors are responsible for tagging their own merchandise.

Merchandise & Displays:

This is a curated market. Our guidelines are designed to meet our shared goal of achieving a high level of sales and customer interest. Lack of quality, vendor participation, communication and low inventory cause a negative impact on other vendors and H&H. Management reserves the right to refuse any merchandise we feel is inappropriate.

All sales merchandise must be kept WITHIN each vendor's assigned space. Customer walkways shall not be obstructed by merchandise. All items in your booth must be clearly priced and bar coded with your vendor labels. Work your booth FREQUENTLY: Dust, clean, and rearrange. Merely repositioning your items in your booth will draw attention and increase sales.

Vendors are required to check and stock their inventory. If a Vendor is unable to participate or restock their inventory with quality goods and fails to communicate their situation, H&H will send a 30 day vacate letter for vendors to remove their items from the store. If Vendor fails to remove their items from H&H within 30 days of the date on which the noticed was mailed, H&H has the right to dispose of the items in any matter H&H determines to be appropriate and the Vendor will hold H&H harmless.


Vendors are responsible for keeping their own space and merchandise clean and orderly. H&H is responsible for maintenance of aisles, rest rooms and the common areas of the market.


Vendor, at his or her option, may allow H&H and its agents, employees, and representatives to negotiate up to 10% off the indicated price of items contained in the booth and represented as being for sale on behalf of the Vendor. H&H will, at Vendor’s option, make phone calls to inquire about prices. If you want H&H to make price inquiries on your behalf, please make sure we can reach you during business hours by phone or text. Vendors working in their booths may “deal” or reduce a price to a customer but are not allowed to complete the sale on premises without going through the register. All sales will go through the cash register at H&H. Any sale that does not go through the register will violate this agreement and serve as cause to terminate it.


Vendor is responsible for the security of merchandise in their booth. Vendor acknowledges that H&H does not insure items placed in booth spaces. Vendor agrees to hold H&H harmless H&H of any damage and or breakage or theft. H&H does use a building security system with motion and door detectors for hours that the business is closed. Vendor is instructed and encouraged to consult his or her insurance company and obtain insurance for all items placed at H&H.

Other Provisions:

Additional Earnings:

H&H provides opportunities for vendors to earn extra money besides selling their goods. If a vendor would like to conduct a workshop or pop-up to the public, H&H may provide a venue for their workshop or event. A discussion and space rental agreement between the vendor and H&H are required before setting a time and date for event. Vendors holding events or workshops at H&H must have approval from H&H before creating and sending marketing materials via internet, mail or flyers.

Vendor Identification:

Only individuals with permission of the vendor (owner of merchandise) will be allowed to remove unsold items or pick up checks from H&H. Please let us know if anyone other than the vendor who signs this agreement is going to be involved.

No Smoking:

Smoking is not permitted on the premises.


H&H will accept checks as payment for any item with proof of identity by a current driver’s license and will be responsible for collection of bad checks.

Credit/Debit Cards and Mobile Payments:

H&H will accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, prepaid and reward cards with any of the above logos.

All Laws Apply:

Vendors shall abide, at all times, by the codes, ordinances, and regulations of the city, county, state and other governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the conduct of the vendor's business.

Negotiate 10% off for me?

If you choose "Yes," we are authorized to negotiate up to a 10% discount on your behalf. We will contact you with any other reasonable offers during business hours.

I have read the Vendor Agreement, I understand the terms, and I accept the conditions as stated.