And now a word from…everyone!

Good afternoon, Boothmeisters!  This is Kendra and Kim and we are signing off!  We’ll be handing over the reins on March 1st, and the new owners would love to tell y’all about their vision. 

From new owners Jeff and Nikki:

We have a vision and plan that reflects our interests and expertise, and we will be shaping H&H to meet that vision.  We expect to complete the transition close to the first of the month, so we want to share our vision with y’all now.   We will be transforming the store into solely antiques, vintage, retro, collectibles and Eureka unique items.  We also want all booths to be full.  We do notice that some are not filled, and some of those vendors have multiple booths, or booths that are too large for your inventory, so we may do some restructuring to combine booths, or transition to smaller booths for those who don’t have enough product to fill their current space. 
We will be sending new contracts with any of our changes in your March 1st paperwork.  Those contracts will be effective April 1st.  We will be evaluating booths March 1st as well to make sure all fit with our new image.   
We’ll be available in the store today (2/17/22) until 6 pm, and all day next Wednesday and Thursday, to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  Or you can email me at any time at nikkigriffithins @ 
We look forward to working with all of you!