Dealer Application - Griffith

The goal of Hobbies & Homestead is to offer antique, vintage, collectible and Eureka unique items that our customers will cherish and enjoy. We have developed the following list of questions to provide us with information about the type of merchandise that a prospective dealer has to offer. In addition, it provides H&H management a means of communicating our expectations of the dealers.

We want you to SELL and we want our customers to be delighted with what H&H has to offer and be happy with their selections. This requires work both on the part of the dealer to maintain quality merchandise in a clean and well-designed booth, and on the part of the staff at H&H to provide courteous and helpful customer service.

Please complete the form below and press "Submit." You will receive updates regarding your application by text message/SMS.

General Information

What size booth are you interested in?
Are you interested in a wall hanging, lockable shadow box?
Are you prepared to commit to your space for at least 3 months?
3 Months?

Sorry. We require a 3 month commitment for new vendors.

Do you understand that, in addition to monthly rent, H&H retains 10% of sales as a commission, which is used to provide vendors with tags, barcodes and credit card fees at no additional cost?

Sorry. The commission is required.

All vendors MUST keep a valid debit/credit card on file. Do you agree to do so if your application is selected?
Debit/Credit on File?

Sorry. You have to keep a debit or credit card on file.

We use an online system that's accessible via computer or cellphone. You will use this system to enter your inventory and to view reports of your sales, commissions, and rent payments. Are you willing and able to use this computer/cellphone system?
Online System?

Sorry. We require the use of the online system.

We send updates to all vendors via text message. Are you willing to receive (and read) these messages?
Get text?

Sorry. You have to receive (and read) our messages.

Maximum upload size: 268.44MB


What experience do you have in the retail or antique/flea market business?

How long have you been actively buying/creating and selling?

Are you currently selling?

Do you provide any services that might be of interest to our customers? (Ex: restoration, repair, alterations, customization, etc.)

We require dealers to keep booths clean and restock merchandise frequently. How often do you estimate you'll be able to work your booth?


Do you feel that broken and repaired items need to be clearly marked as such, and agree that reproductions need to be clearly marked as such and priced accordingly?

Labeling & Pricing

How much of your merchandise is:

What type of merchandise will you be selling? (Check all that apply):

Types of Merchandise: